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Why it’s so important that we don’t cut gym class and physical education in our schools

by Sofie Vanchaze, Master Trainer
“Mom, we only had a half hour gym class today because we were running out of time” is what my 5-year old told me when I picked her up from school yesterday.  My blood started boiling.  Most schools nowadays offer 1 hour of Physical Education a week, if they’re lucky.  People don’t understand the importance of exercising, especially for young kids, who have so much energy to spare. Never mind the obesity rate amongst children, which is outrageous. Every child should have at least 1 hour of active play, every day.  Find out what they really enjoy, what sport they like and sign them up for it.  Go on family hikes and bike rides on weekends.  Have them help you with garden chores or even cooking in the kitchen.  Anything to get them away from the TV and videogames!  I have 2 young daughters and, believe me, they are usually bouncing off the walls when I pick them up from school.  Therefore, I signed them up for swimming and gymnastics classes, which they attend multiple times a week. I have noticed that after exercising, they are more outgoing, positive and relaxed.  I want to be a role model for my children, something that I did not have growing up, consequently leading me to become an unhealthy and overweight teenager.  My oldest daughter keeps begging me to let her come jogging with me.  She is still a little too young for that level of exercise, but I can’t wait for the day we can run together and share our passion for exercising.  I believe families that exercise together, build closer and stronger bonds.  And isn’t that the basis for healthy living?   Thanks to all of the families that are training together at Vitality, it’s so great to see you all working as a team, with our team.   If obesity is contagious, can’t fitness also be contagious?   I see it happening at Vitality and in my home everyday and I’m proud to be a part of it.

October 3rd, 2012 Posted in Health News