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Green Fitness

Vitality Personal Fitness is committed to being environmentally responsible.

10 Ways We’re Green, and Counting:

  1. We recycle and compost
  2. We used recyclable or renewable material choices in our construction whenever possible.
  3. We don’t sell bottled water but for your convenience, we offer a filtered water filling station in our studio. We encourage you to bring your own reusable bottle or purchase one of our Vitality SIGG bottles. Each week, we also give a SIGG bottle to any class participant whom we want to honor for their efforts.
  4. We recycled any eligible materials through the Boston Building Materials Co-op.
  5. Rather than relying on a traditional air-conditioning system as a sole means of cooling our space, we installed fresh air movers including a high efficiency heat pump, indoor fans and large windows to remove heat from our second floor suite.
  6. Our heating system and its filters are audited quarterly by our expert maintenance staff.
  7. Our staff bikes to work when possible.
  8. Shayleen drives a “green” vehicle when biking isn’t an option.
  9. If you walk to our studio 10 times, we’ll reward you with a $20 gift certificate! Please see Shayleen for details.