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Personal Trainers

Our Personal Trainers

Shayleen M. Pastick

Owner, Elite Trainer

The founder of Vitality Personal Fitness Inc., Shayleen motivates her clients by encouraging them to exceed their physical goals and expectations. With 10 years of experience as a physical therapist and an Elite-level personal trainer, Shayleen specializes in working with those recovering from injuries and surgery as well as training mature, seasoned athletes.

Michael Dee

Personal Trainer

Thru Michael’s love of conditioning for hockey, he found early mentors at one of the states best Cross Fit gyms in Massachusetts. Michael co-coached small groups for over 1 year. He realized he had a gift and due to his ability as a natural leader, decided that he wanted to make a career change and coach athletes full time.

Micheala Barsotti

Personal Trainer, NASM CPT

Micheala has always been involved in Fitness; she began her journey as a competitive cheerleader and gymnast at an early age. In 2012, she faced a serious injury and was forced to take some time off from the sports that she loved. As she became medically cleared, she started to become more involved in the gym. Although she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do when she finished college, she knew it was something in the health field. By the end of sophomore year she had declared food and nutrition as her major. You can see that maintaining optimal health has always been a strong interest and a main priority for Micheala. As she was finishing up her degree, she decided to use her passion for fitness to pursue a career. Helping others reach their personal goals and educating them on how they can make healthier life choices is what she strives for. Micheala has also spent some time working in a Physical Therapy clinic, where she has become familiar with corrective exercises for injuries and different mobilization techniques. Micheala is eager to begin her career in the fitness industry and is very excited to be a part of the team here at Vitality Personal Fitness.

Steven Cooper

Personal Trainer, NSCA CPT

Steven specializes in working with beginning athletes looking to learn the basics and begin their transformation, as well as more experienced clients looking to take their skills to the next level. He creates specialized routines for every individual while taking into consideration their current fitness level, goals, and how well they’re currently functioning. He uses a variety of techniques to help clients reach their goals; including periodization, supersets, and unique challenges that motivate and demonstrate progress.

Luis Medina

Personal Trainer, Vitality Winter 2016 Intern

Luis A. Medina is a natural born athlete from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who lives in the Boston area since October, 2014. Early in his childhood he demonstrated great athletic abilities and perseverance which made his parents begin a quest for the right sport for him. Since age three, he was exposed to judo, swimming, baseball and excelled in all, but none of these were quite the right fit, until he first entered a gymnastics arena. He knew then he had found his perfect match, at age seven. Ever since that day he has dedicated a great part of his life to gymnastics in many different ways.