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Private Training 1 on 1

Design a fitness program to achieve specific fitness goals using current exercise principles. Get motivated to make a healthy lifestyle change or to increase your fitness level. Exercise safely whether training as a beginner or with advanced technique Get fitness facts and debunk fitness myths. Avoid injuries due to poor training techniques; recover from injuries sustained in life or on the field. Specialty instruction, including private Russian Kettle Bells, Post-Rehab, Pilates, and Olympic Lifting

Small-Group Training 1 on 8

Train with the trainer, class, and time of your choice for one low price. Visit our Small Group Training schedule to see just how many training options you have. Access these classes as much as you’d like using our SGT Access Passes.

Custom-Group Training

Don't see the exact time slot and the exact class you want. Contact owner Shayleen Pastick to coordinate the number of participants you have, with the trainer and class type you want.

Functional Movement Screen

Are you likely to get hurt in the future? We can tell you. Our Elite trainers are certified in the screening techniques that professional athletes and Olympians use. It's called FMS. Learn where your weaknesses are, and correct them with daily corrective exercise prescribed by our Elite training staff.

Screen and corrective exercise prescription: 30 minutes, $60

"Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness." From www.functionalmovement.com

Program Design Consultation

Bored, in a plateau, or want to jump start your fitness level? Train with an Elite trainer 5 or more times for a plan that will cover you for 6-8 weeks. The results will be chart topping, and you’ll know, because we’ll teach you how to track your workouts and think like an Elite level personal trainer.

Program Implementation

Not sure if you're doing that right? You're not the only one. Exercise quality is coming to light as one the most important variables related to your success as a mature athlete. Let us help you get it right. Frequency per client per program can vary greatly, but you can be sure, we won't let you do any sets or reps incorrectly when you train with our staff. Take that awesome program all the way to it's fullest potential by learning how to do the movements correctly and how to maintain your body using modern recovery and stretching techniques.

Corrective Exercise Strategies

The body will always seek the path of least resistance, even if it's a dysfunctional path. Let us help you finally correct that old injury, or recover from that recent injury with FMS and a corrective exercise plan. It's only 10 minutes a day and at the most 3 exercises, but it can mean the difference between a healthy you or an injured you.