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Small Group Training


  • Drop-in $40/class
  • 1x/week $149/month
  • 2x/week $269/month
  • 3x/week $379/month
  • 1 class/day $589/month

Did you love the class you just took? Credit your drop-in fee toward an SGT Access Pass and take it all month for less.

The Value of an SGT Access Pass

Work with the trainer and attend the class of your choice for one low price. No contracts, only a voluntary commitment to train for 30 days. Train based on personal satisfaction, not a contractual obligation. Be motivated by our trainers and our classes, not by traditional club memberships that many people don’t use, and that don’t include Elite-level instruction with every class. Seek 1-on-1 training when you need it. When you don’t, train in a small group and save thousands of dollars per year, without skipping any workouts.

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