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Vitality Personal Fitness: Training People for Real Life, Fewer Injuries, and Better Performance

by Kim Childs, Natural Awakenings Magazine

tjx-jayShayleen Pastick is a licensed physical therapist and personal trainer who spent eleven years working in local fitness clubs and specializing in injury prevention. Unfortunately, many clients came to her after they’d already hurt themselves while trying to get in shape. “I saw people who spent lots of time training in traditional facilities on machines, and there’s not a lot of translation from that kind of fitness to their sport of choice or lifestyle,” Pastick recalls. “They’d fall or get severely injured and hire me to learn how to do it right.”

Now fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities can work safely and effectively with Pastick at her own facility, Vitality Personal Fitness, in Newton. It’s a state-of-the-art functional training studio where Pastick prepares people for athletic challenges and the challenges of everyday living. Functional training is the preferred method of Olympians and professional athletes, she notes, and it’s essentially an approach to fitness aimed at improving someone’s execution of the body’s basic movements. Full Article