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FMS is to the human body what anti-virus software is to your PC.

by Shayleen M. Pastick, Elite Trainer and Owner of Vitality Personal Fitness Inc.

You scan your PC weekly for viruses. You change the oil in your car. You brush your teeth. Why not see if you are likely to sustain an orthopedic injury? The Functional Movement Screen (FMS), by Gray Cook and Lee Burton is a simple 7-movement screen that can point out the weakest link in your body (http://www.functionalmovement.com/SITE/). It only takes 15 minutes to complete. It is standardized, designed by world class Physical Therapists, and it’s not new. The NFL, Team USA, MLB and many collegiate stars and professional athletes have been screened for well over a decade now. The result: FMS is an accurate predictor for injury. Follow the protocol and the “rules” and you will avoid injury. It’s that simple. As a licensed Physical Therapist, I can easily assess an orthopedic injury, guide you through an FMS protocol, and get the injured site functioning and pain free again. But what if we could stop the injury from happening in the first place?

Imagine if you could avoid a career-ending injury. Imagine if you could, later in life, avoid a life-threatening injury.

When applied by a certified professional, FMS will indicate the biggest problem in the human body relative to its movement. It’s like anti-virus for the human body. Any anti-virus software finds the most corrupt files, gets rid of them, and the machine runs faster and smoother. FMS can identify the biggest movement deficit in your body, measure it, and with the help of a certified professional we can correct it. Much like anti-viral software is designed to keep your PC running smoothly, FMS is designed for the same purpose in your body. FMS can identify the least mobile, the least stable, and also the most asymmetrical areas of your body. A certified personal trainer can teach you corrective strategies for your worst problems, and as a result your body performs better and is less likely to break down.

By mobilizing and or stabilizing joints through very carefully prescribed corrective strategies, clients will avoid a major tissue breakdown in the future. Clearing the body of its biggest movement-related problem helps it function better, makes it stronger and faster, and will do just about anything better, as a whole. Our long-term clients speak for us by leading by example here at Vitality Personal Fitness Inc. I am proud to say I have the fittest 15-92 year old fitness enthusiasts as my clients. I am so proud of all of you and I sincerely look forward to another decade of training “real people” to be injury free. Train smarter, then harder. Get life-long, sustainable results. Get an FMS screen at least once a year, clear up the major deficits and then screen again. I get screened regularly now…and I’ve also switched to Macintosh computers.

March 24th, 2011 Posted in Functional Training, Tips & Recommendations