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Eating, Moving and Being Healthy This Summer

by Shayleen M. Pastick, Owner and Elite Trainer

I launched my summer fitness kick by spending two weeks with my wife and in-laws in Rio, where we eat all organic and farm fresh from their organic farm, Sitio Do Moinho everyday. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world (thank you Dick and Angela Thompson, once again, for your wonderful hospitality). Also thanks to the TRX, I was able to strength train and stretch every other day. I packed 2 TRXs, a foam ball and a foam roller. I can honestly say I have never felt better in Rio, especially after enduring the 14-18 hours of sitting that is required to get there.

I’m feeling better than ever this summer after nearly completing year one of owning my first small business. This is thanks to moving more, eating organic whole foods and doing whatever I can to manage my stress level on a daily basis. One of my favorite holistic health guides, which I try to gift to a client every year is “How to Eat Move and Be Healthy,” by Paul Chek. Here is a link to the Amazon website where you can purchase it directly:

I’ve been giving copies away for 7 years now, and every single person I’ve given this book to has learned something new and powerful from it. The section on nutrition was life changing for me. I was already on an all-organic diet, off sugar for the most part and already trying not to microwave food very often. Chek really hits the food quality message straight on.

What seems so simple to my long-term clients and me can have such a dramatic impact on your quality of life and your fitness level over long periods of time. Food quality, movement quality and stress management have got to be a part of your fitness plan, long term. Without all three, you cannot be successful throughout your lifespan and be healthy. We have to move every day, to whatever extent we can. If a part of that can include primal pattern and functional training exercises, like the classes we offer at Vitality, then even better! It’s such a pleasure to come to work everyday and see your clients thriving, excelling and working hard. My friends and family too! We all workout here, and that’s awesome.

On a personal note, I’m happy to report that Juliana and I are re-kindling my love of cycling this summer. There’s nothing more fun than hitting one of the beaches on the North Shore or one of the hundreds of bike paths in the state for a day trip. Typically I’m burning 650 calories per hour of normal terrain biking, that’s the kind of weekend fun that keeps me from gaining weight and helps me stay on my weight loss plan. I’m also proud to announce I only have about 15 more pounds to lose, the kind of pounds I wish I had never found and hope to never see again! As for the biking vs. walking hiking and jogging, I do notice that I need to stretch my knees and hips more (from long bike rides) and I also foam roll and tiger tail my legs more compared to when I’m doing other forms of cardio. This is a common theme in the functional/primal training community. Any man-made movement, including ellipticals, biking and skating can lead to tighter muscles in your limbs. Stretch and roll more and you’ll be just fine when you try to do an overhead squat again on Monday. Until then, try to Eat Move and Be Healthy every day, truly.

August 1st, 2011 Posted in Health News